#10 – Thank You WoA for Helping Me Make My Voice Heard

Thank you Whistleblowers of America (WoA) for helping me make my voice heard.

#USTOO: Whistleblowers of America (WoA) is a nonprofit organization assisting whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation after having identified harm to individuals or the public. They unite whistleblowers seeking justice. Together, whistleblowers can speak truth to power.

Today I witnessed valor. It is not often one gets to experience valor, but I have been witnessing valor ever since Whistleblowers of America became my champion.

Anyone can conjure up valor if they choose too. While valor is generally used in the context of war or the battlefield, it is also considered an element of love, linked with the act of speaking truth to power, especially when an injustice is committed. It is far too common in today’s society to pretend ignorance of the injustices of our world. Self-absorption in one’s own world is a key threat that undermines the expression of valor, and fear of consequence is the other. Valor is the aspect of your love that defends its presence in the face of injustice as measured in the society. If you don’t defend your virtues—or those too weak to defend their own—you have separated from them and have lost an opportunity to be a co-creative force in the world of form. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must become an activist or advocate for a list of social causes. It simply requires that you defend yourself from injustice. An injustice simply requires an intervention in the moment (credit is given to James for the heart centered definition of valor).

I will now read the statement WoA submitted today for me on January 30, 2018 before the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC). You may obtain a copy of this statement from WoA’s website or HVAC.

Thank you

***UPDATE*** Do NOT use OAWP  because they are working with VA management to silence whistleblowers and veterans

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