#12 – Blowing The Whistle On Corruption At Two VA Medical Centers

We have another brave Veteran, named Russell Gault, a former Nuclear Submarine Naval Officer, who is trying to expose Veterans Affairs corruption. Mr. Gault’s story is all too familiar. Similar events happened to me, and similar events have happened to other Veterans. Over the past year I have been meeting more and more Veterans and VA Whistleblowers and learning how the VA has a pattern of egregious misconduct. So even though I do not know Russell Gault, I am inclined to believe everything Mr. Gault claims, because it has happened to other Veterans and VA whistleblowers.

Mr. Gault is correct. When fighting corruption, corruption fights back. It appears the VA will go to great lengths to silence criticism and those who seek accountability for violations of policy, regulations, ethics, laws, abuse of power, and more. As a VA whistleblower, I am all too familiar with government contracted computer and website hacking, and so are other VA whistleblowers.

See Blog Episode #13 where I transcribed parts of Russell Gault’s video

Please go to Mr. Gault’s YouTube Channel, titled ExposeVA, and download this video. Then upload it to all of your internet accounts with links to the original source. The more people who do this, the better his message will get out, and the less likely the few of us who do, will be targeted. I hope a journalist will pick up his story and give it the national attention it deserves.

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This video is evidence and can be used to also help others so be sure to save it; you never know when you might need it. It appears the VA only responds when there is public pressure. If that’s what it takes to help Mr. Gault to stop the harassment, so he can return home to the United States, please help him. By helping him, you help to protect other veterans from future abuses.

Mr. Gault is currently living outside of the United States, because as he had predicted, after he published his first video exposing VA corruption, VA Police came knocking on his door. The VA has been conducting “Wellness Checks,” but these visits have nothing to do with the “Wellness” of Veterans. Like in my case and others, VA Police have come knocking on a Veteran’s door to frame them.

See Related: Ex-police chief gets 10 years in ‘Cannibal Cop’ case (Richard Meltz was a former Veterans Affairs Bedford Massachusetts Medical Center police chief.) Meltz was serving as the VA Hospital chief of police during that period when he was plotting two different conspiracies which involved the kidnapping, rape and murder of women. Former Bedford VA police chief pleads guilty to rape, murder plot. 

Since the VA botched their frame job to arrest me as a domestic terrorist, they instead gave local officials where I live, a false mental health diagnosis of me, so they could illegally 5150 me (72 hour psychiatric hold). I won a confidential settlement for the loss of my 10 year long VA job. I am in the process of writing a book, so everyone can see what the VA did to me. All because I had the audacity to publicly name those who are apparently above the law. The VA continues to weaponize my data, VA benefits, and VA healthcare against me. I don’t dare walk on VA property because VA police can get away with claiming anything they want against a veteran.

And if going after me wasn’t enough, they went after my elderly disabled Veteran father, who became collateral damage to my whistleblower activities. The VA continues to refuse to work with our local district attorney, who found enough evidence for criminal convictions. My father was supposedly being protected by the VA’s fiduciary program, which I have come to learn is more like a “fraud-uciary” program.

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Rutherford Institute

“In recent years, military servicemen and women have found themselves increasingly targeted for surveillance, censorship, threatened with incarceration or involuntary commitment, labeled as extremists and/or mentally ill, and stripped of their Second Amendment rights. An important point to consider, however, is that under the guise of mental health treatment and with the complicity of government psychiatrists and law enforcement officials, these veterans are increasingly being portrayed as threats to national security.” Casualties of War: Military Veterans Have Become America’s Walking Wounded dated Nov 12, 2019 by John W. Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute.

But don’t just take it from me and Mr. Gault, there are many VA police officers who have blown the whistle on VA Police abuses, which include fabricating evidence and documents. I will list a few resources below so you can read and listen for yourself. Unfortunately many of the victims are too afraid to speak out. But the only way to stop these abuses is to “Expose It – To End It”.

VA Police Abuses

“Congress is investigating widespread abuse of veterans by some VA police whose acts of abuse include body slamming veterans resulting in death.” Why Are VA Police Body Slamming Elderly Veterans? dated June 18, 2019, by Benjamin Krause

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“Paranoid VA officials use hyperbole and fear mongering to justify an unethical policy to reduce transparency while at the same time confirming that vets scare VA employees.” Paranoid VA Officials Paint Veterans As Crazed Psychos by Benjamin Krause dated Oct 24, 2014.

Bozgoz et al v. James et al (case # 1:2019 cv 00239)

Go learn what happened to the Bozgoz family, which include the VA going after their son. Robert Bozgoz worked for the VA for seventeen years until his supervisor Voncelle James, a female Veteran, who was also given responsibility to screen and respond to the VA Secretary’s emails, and handle other Whistleblower complaints, violated laws and ethics. Robert Bozgoz and his wife Sue Bozgoz, both Veterans by the way, had to deal with false criminal charges that almost landed them in jail. Sue Bozgoz was falsely accused of stalking VA Central Office (VACO) managers with weapons in her car, and Maryland state judges on this case were writing void orders and refusing to allow her to submit evidence that would prove she was being falsely accused. They eventually were able to clear these charges, but not without a very difficult fight.

Sue and Robert Bozgoz continue to bring their district lawsuit (case number 1:2019 cv00239 Bozgoz et al v. James et al) forward under the RICO Act, where over forty VA officials are being sued in their individual capacity. The case includes 1983 KKK, Civil Rights, and Privacy Violations, which they filed under “the Zone of Interest.” The corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson (Fast & Furious) has been refusing to recuse herself after being caught violating ADA laws and writing void orders, including other judicial malfeasance. This is a very important case for both Veterans and VA Whistleblowers. Christopher King has been covering this case, and Sue Bozgoz regularly updates her Facebook page and YouTube Channel called ADA Advocate Sue Bozgoz. 

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VA Police Whistleblowers

“Four Veteran Affairs police officers say they feel like former NYPD officer Frank Serpico, battling alone against a corrupt and intransigent bureaucracy. The four VA cops — Tim Petoskey of the Seattle VA, John Moline of the Sheridan, Wyoming VA, Ghassan “Goose” Ghannoum of the Los Angeles VA, and Greg Childs of the Fort Harrison, Montana VA — told their stories and often, much like Serpico, they were blowing the whistle on systemic corruption within the police department.”  Cops Allege Corruption, Retaliation At The VA.by Mike Volpe via The Daily Caller dated April 19, 2018.

Tim Petoskey reported to Mike Volpe that corruption reaches all levels of the VA bureaucracy: “And higher. It includes the facility directors who oversee the Chiefs.We just got a new Chief, and no one knows if they can trust him, not because anything he has done or failed to do, but because we have had 15 or 20 Chiefs since 2009 and the vast majority have been corrupted.”

Tim Petoskey in a Facebook post reported, “Keep an eye out for stories related to hidden camera’s being used by VA Police in places like changing rooms. Also, the office has an ability for remote viewing. I am unaware of any instance where it isn’t a Chief or Deputy Chief who has access to view the cameras from home, but we have called this practice out several times over the years. And it also keeps getting buried. It is just a matter of time until one of the Sicko people the VA promotes into these positions is outed remotely viewing sexual assault survivors at a women’s clinic somewhere…but I have NO DOUBT it will happen sooner or later. The public was warned though… but they decided it would be more interesting to bore down on more popular topics. These stories get drowned out by other news stories in the national media. One of the things that has me more disappointed than the Federal Gov’t treatment of whistle-blowers, is the Veteran population treatment of VA cops who are whistle-blowers. The garbage we have brought forward should curdle anyone’s blood, but we just don’t seem to be able to maintain control of the narrative because we get stabbed in the back by our own.”

VA Police Organizational Chart

According to the VA’s official website, the Police Service is headquartered at VA Central Office (VACO) in Washington, D.C. and is currently under the leadership of Mr. Michael Franklin, Director of Police Service. The Police Services is compiled under four divisions: 1) the Law Enforcement Oversight & Criminal Investigations Division (responsible for conducting program inspections of the 153 Police units around the nation, and conducts investigations of serious incidents which occur on VA controlled property); 2) Executive Protection Division (provides personal protection for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary); 3)The Infrastructure Protection Division (develops and writes VA Infrastructure Protection policy, and interfaces with the Federal Protective Service for VA Campus Security and represents VA on Federal level steering committees); and 4) The Criminal Predictive Analysis Division (conducts criminal analysis to identify and track trends to assure proactive prevention programs globally).

The Office of Security and Law Enforcement (OS&LE), is currently under the direction of Mr. Fred Jackson. OS&LE’s goal is to deliver the highest quality professional law enforcement services. To facilitate this for field units, OS&LE is composed of two units: 1) Police Services, and 2) the VA Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC).

More on Bozgoz et al v. James et al

The Bozgoz’ can attest to corruption at the highest levels in the VA, including top VA officials who oversee the entire VA police department nationwide, some of who the Bozgoz’ have named in their RICO Act lawsuit.

Bozgoz named Darryl G. Blackwell in her RICO Act lawsuit. Sue Bozgoz reported Mr. Blackwell described himself as the head negro in charge, and that he was the Director of VA Policy and Director for all of VA’s security in the United States. Mr. Blackwell’s titles include:  Supervisory Special Agent, Division Chief, Infrastructure Protection, Policy, Intelligence & Crime Analysis, Office of Security & Law Enforcement (Washington, D.C.). Interestingly, Mr. Blackwell is an ordained minister and pastor, and published author, who ends his government email communication with Proverbs 10:9 (NLT translation = People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will be exposed).

Well Mr. Blackwell, how do crooked paths get exposed when VA leaders cover up malfeasance and force subordinates to falsify documents? Many whistleblowers have reported the long arm tentacles of the VA are far reaching, which include destroying peoples’ careers even outside the department. Professional license holders (i.e. MDs etc) have reported the VA will give fraudulent evidence to their license boards, which can become costly and time consuming to correct; some never recover. Some have reported even after they went to work at a different agency, the VA hunted them down there to destroy their careers.

Once someone comes forward a full on pursuit is launched to destroy the person. And as long as there are VA employees willing to be minions for management, a person coming forward can be accused of all sorts of fraudulent things. Some of the common harassment tools the VA uses are fraudulently claiming an innocent person is stalking/harassing managers/employees, making threats (i.e. from very benign allegations to extreme such as bomb threats), acts of violence, mentally unstable, behavioral issues, neglecting and/or harming patients, and much much more. It’s very difficult to fight these charges because the people in charge, who claim to have “authority” are abusing their positions, yet the powers at be will always believe the “authority” over everyone else. Who holds people in “authority” accountable? Apparently no one.

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Bozgoz named James Byrne in her RICO Act lawsuit. Mr. Byrnes, who was confirmed as the Deputy Secretary of the VA on September 11, 2019, and was sworn in on September 16, 2019. Previously, Mr. Byrne’s served as VA’s General Counsel, and before arriving at VA, served as Associate General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer at Lockheed Martin Corporation, where he was also the company’s lead cyber and counterintelligence attorney. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Mr. Byrne served U.S. Office of Special Counsel. VA Biography 

Despite Congress knowing about reported disclosures and allegations about James Byrne, Congress confirmed him anyway. According to allegations by the Bozgoz’, Mr. Byrne (Regional Counsel) was directing VA manager Angela Kendrix to mislead the Bozgoz’ with instructions regarding the acceptance of service summons, which was followed by Voncelle James falsely accusing Sue Bozgoz of actions she never took. The VA continued trying to run cover for Ms. James, who’s husband assaulted the process server; it was caught on video and can be seen at Christopher King’s blogspot.

More VA Police Whistleblowers & Victims of VA Police Abuse

“It comes down to the thin blue line: Officers don’t want to tell on other officers,” said the whistleblower, who left the department in 2016. Journalist Jasper Craven interviewed Marine Veteran Derrick Hathaway for the article: Abusing Those Who Served, Veterans Affairs Police Are Supposed to “Protect Those Who Served.” They Have A Shocking Record of Brutality and Impunity dated July 8, 2019

Marine Veteran Derrick Hathaway was one of the few who received a settlement, a settlement without admitting fault. “It seemed possible, and even likely, that the agency settled to avoid embarrassing exposure as to how leadership handled the physical abuse of the restrained veteran given that it was captured on video.” Benjamin Krause wrote in VA Police Brutality: Victim Gets Settlement In Excessive Force Lawsuit dated July 10, 2019.

Dale Farhner of Kingston, Missouri, wasn’t so lucky. His visit to a VA hospital caused his death by a VA police officer. The report appears to show that the VA police officer was justified. But don’t take these reports at face value, especially after learning that VA police officers lie on reports. “‘After being pulled over, the patient (Dale Farhner) began making inappropriate gestures and physically threatening motions with his arm,’ the report says.” USA Today article Exclusive: Internal documents detail VA police altercation with veteran who later died by Donovan Slack dated Dec 14, 2018.

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“‘This feels obviously retaliatory, but worse than that I feel like I’m being used as a threat against other employees who might think about speaking up about patient care concerns and I resent that. I do not want to be used as a pawn,’ she testified Tuesday.” Veterans Affairs whistleblowers call for end to culture of retaliation by Karma Allen and Stephanie Ebbs dated ABC News dated June 25, 2019.

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VA Whistleblower Retaliation

“The office within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) tasked with protecting whistleblowers instead made what several whistleblowers called a “hit list.” The VA’s Whistleblower Protection Unit Instead Created A ‘Hit List’ of Whistleblowers by Mike Volpe via The Daily Caller dated Sep 20, 2019. This article interviewed several VA whistleblowers including VA police officers, Gregg Childs, Ghassan “Goose” Ghannoum, and Tim Petosky.

Whistle-blower Ghassan (Goose) Ghannoum, a Los Angeles VA Police Officer, was interviewed by The Buchanan Report in 2018 (audio).

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Many of us wrongly believed that if we kept going higher up the chain of command that these problems would be investigated properly and corrected. For many veterans, all they want is to improve the VA system. But why does trying to improve the VA come at such a heavy price to the Veteran or a VA employee? Why does the VA feel threatened by Veterans and VA employees who only want to improve the system and hold people accountable?

I was also informed along the way that none of the whistle-blower laws protect Veterans who blow the whistle on the VA. If that’s true, there is virtually no protection and very little recourse. No wonder so many veterans are afraid to criticize the VA.

Who Watches the Watchers?

None of the watchdogs (oversight) are working right, including Congress, who has a Senate and House Committee for Veterans Affairs. And when federal agencies are protected by Executive Order 12196 which allows the fox to guard the hen house, well we get just that. All of these channels appear to collect your evidence, so the government can cover it up. Some ignorant Senators and Congressional reps not aware of the agency’s shenanigans could potentially hurt your case. Make sure you go into their office and sit down with staffers to have a long talk. They need to know that they must protect you, and that the VA can’t always be believed. My own congressman caught the VA in several lies.

  1. Office of Accountability & Whistleblower Protection (VA OAWP) – Failures Implementing Aspects of the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 from VA Office of Inspector General dated Oct 2019
  2. From the failed VA OAWP to 3 year limbo at U.S. MSPB, whistleblowers have been systematically silenced from speaking out to protect Veterans and left unprotected from retaliation when exposing wrongdoing at Veterans Affairs. Lack of Quorum Hits 3-Year Mark at MSPB, with no clear end in sight via Federal News Network by Nicole Ogrysko dated Jan 24, 2020
    1. MSPB seeks more money to handle massive backlog by Chase Gunter dated Apr 17, 2019 via FCW.
    2. Vacant MSPB Means No Potential Recourse For Appeal-Filing Federal Employees Any Time Soon by Mathew B. Tully dated Dec 10, 2018 via FedSmith
  3. US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is just another kangaroo administrative court:
    1. More and more workplace discrimination cases are bing closed before they’re even investigated. It’s a problem that starts with Congress by Maryam Jameel dated Jun 14, 2019 via Vox
    2. EEOC’Judges’ Are Not Subject to Any Code of Judicial Ethics. An official from EEOC’s Office of Legal Counsel has ruled that EEOC judges are not subject to any code of judicial ethics because they are merely attorneys working in the executive branch. EEOC Associate Legal Counsel Carol R. Miaskoff writes in a June 25, 2019 letter that EEOC attorneys who are designated to serve in a judicial capacity and who are called ‘judges’ are not required to follow the Code of Conduct for United States Judges or the American Bar Association’s Model Code of Judicial Conduct. “Because judicial standards do not apply, they could not have violated these rules,” stated Miaskoff. EEOC ‘judges’ can violate basic judicial ethical standards with impunity.
    3. EEOC Secrecy Rule Hides Procedural Irregularities and Gross Unfairness
    4. Jacqueline Genovese described EEOC as: “The Orwellian EEOC designed to investigate and adjudicate workplace dispute  short of litigation really is just a waste of time, tax payer money and resources. It delays employees’ day in court and thus delays justice. It serves ZERO purpose.” It however does serve a purpose for the powers at be. Justice delayed is justice denied. And for this reason the watchdogs and so called advisers of whistleblowers try to mislead the whistle-blower into taking the EEOC route rather than MSPB (for federal) because EEOC is a dead end that will take the whistleblower years to figure out.
    5. In Ward v. EEOC, “[to] imply[] a cause of action against the EEOC [would] contradict Title VII’s policy of individual enforcement of equal employment opportunity laws and could dissipate the limited resources of the [EEOC] in fruitless litigation with charging parties.” 719 F.2d at 313. “Because no cause of action against the EEOC exists for challenges to its processing of a claim, the district court properly dismissed Smith’s complant []” Smith v. Casellas No. 97-5015. 119 F.ed 33(1997)
    6. Several EEOC Whistleblowers have come out, but like most whistle-blower stories, they get buried. Listen to former EEOC Judge Mary Elizabeth Bullock, who was forced to come into work, even though she was in the hospital and had just gone through surgery, to change a decision she had ruled on. Judge Bullock went temporarily back to work via ambulance, but after hearing what they wanted, she refused to changed her decision, and was retaliated against. Even though she protested, they changed her decision anyway.
  4. Even if you happen to make it to federal court, then the whistle-blower is faced with judicial corruption and trickery. Many judges are writing void orders and violating their oaths, ethics and laws.
    1. John Gentry reported, “our problem is the judiciary.” Mr. Gentry is one of the brains behind the Judicial Accountability Movement and can be heard on Kirk’s Law Corner.
      1. In 1821, Thomas Jefferson wrote that, “The germ of destruction of our nation is in the power of the judiciary. An irresponsible body gaining a little today, and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless steps, like a thief over its field of jurisdiction, until all shall render powerless, the checks of one branch over the other, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.”
      2. The Judicial Accountability Movement is a professional, politically neutral, national activist organization headquartered in Springfield, Ohio. Facebook Group Link
      3. John A. Gentry is currently running for State Senate: District 18 Sumner & Trousdale Counties. His website WeThePeoplev50States.
    2. Another caveat about going to court is the fact that many lawyers and judges collude. Federal agencies can judge shop. The DOJ runs cover for all the federal agencies. In some of the cases that do settle, the attorney gets paid more than the victim. There are lot of ex-parte communications occurring that the litigant may not even be aware of. It’s definitely not an even playing field. And how can it when lawyers and judges gaslight litigants?
      1. Justice John F. Molloy wrote The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion. Molloy stated that when he began practicing law in 1946, justice was simpler and the judicial system was straightforward and efficient. Decisions were handed down by judges who applied the law as outlined by the Constitution and state legislatures. But Molloy noticed a disturbing evolution and wrote about it in his book. The Constitution intended that only elected lawmakers be permitted to create law. Yet judges created their own law in the judicial system based on their own opinions and rulings. It’s called case law, and it is churned out daily through the rulings of judges. Molloy stated, this case-law system is a constitutional nightmare because it continuously modifies the constitutional intent.
  5. Currently there is no direct path to federal court for federal whistleblowers. They must journey through the maze of bureaucracy first, which can take many years. Additionally Pro Se litigants cannot argue their cases in Supreme Court. 
  6. By the time a Veteran or Whistleblower has exhausted all the channels to justice and accountability, what they most often find is just more injustice. Many of the laws, departments, and agencies are in fact mere window dressing; a mirage, a cover to a trap door, and nothing really of substance, except to make your life more hell.  There is a name for the condition that awaits you when you try to get accountability, it’s called “Legal Abuse Syndrome.” In regards to the VA, we call it VALAS (VA Legal Abuse Syndrome). It appears the systems that are in place are there to screen out those who lack motivation and perseverance to carry their claims through to the end, and that is why so very few do. It’s a long process of elimination.
    1. Legal Abuse Syndrome: 8 Steps for Avoiding the Traumatic Stress Caused by the Justice System by Dr. Karin Huffer (July 23, 2013).
    2. Litigation can be dangerous to your health. If you happen to already suffer from anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or something else, expect that the corruption fighting you back will find your vulnerabilities and will try to trigger you so that you act out and become less credible, or use your vulnerabilities to extort you and/or wear you down.
    3. If you happen to qualify for an ADA protection, be sure to use it. Find yourself an ADA Advocate. These laws are the only thing that hold judges accountable if they gaslight you. If you are interested in helping Veterans you can become an ADA Advocate.
  7. And as if all of the above wasn’t already bad enough, there are other land mines and pitfalls to avoid. There are some whistle-blower advocacy groups that claim to advocate for whistle-blowers but be careful. Some of them won’t even have the decency to communicate back to you in a reasonable time, if at all. I have heard other horrible stories as well, so caveat emptor (buyer beware).
  8. Be sure to vet your journalists because some of them will just collect your evidence and then hand it over to the agency in exchange for more access or favorable stories.
  9. Don’t even bother going to the big Veterans Service Organizations for help. They simply will not help veterans who have been harmed by the VA. This issue could be taken up by members of these groups to demand that the big VSO’s help veterans who have been harmed by the VA. But if you have already been harmed, don’t waste your time trying to get them to help you. I have found better luck with the smaller non-profits.
  10. Lastly, the VA has recognized that Veterans and VA whistleblowers who organize and network are more dangerous to them, so they will try to infiltrate your network and pose as something they are not. These impostors (aka Trojan Horses) are there to divide, confuse, mislead, and back stab you.  The VA pays millions of dollars in government contracts to conduct surveillance on Veterans and VA whistleblowers as away of silencing criticism of the VA, so the VA can control the narrative.
  11. I almost forgot! The White House can also conduct investigations. By law they cannot turn a blind eye. Like all the rest you must send them your evidence.

For all of the reasons above, and more, are why so very few people are speaking out or the ones who do their stories get buried. I just want people to know that this is not a sprint to justice, its more like a very long marathon, so be ready. Unfortunately, this is how you build your case by going through all the motions, following all the rules and procedures, even though they don’t. Just don’t get overly upset when people let you down, because you will meet a lot of people who will disappoint you. But there is a silver lining. Along the way I have met some amazing people who I probably would never have met otherwise. It’s definitely a learning experience! Just try not to make it personal, because you are in good company. Some of these people are comfortable where they are and don’t care at all about you. Some of them are even sadistic. The reason Washington D.C. is so corrupt is because it is working for some very powerful people. It’s better to build networks, support groups, and coalitions while you build your case. It’s even better if Veterans who haven’t been “initiated” yet start advocating for our civil rights, because as Veterans, we are second class citizens.

My website was hacked last year and I had to pay someone to bring it back up. Others who have websites have reported their websites have also been hacked or buried in the search engines.

If you are inclined to help Veterans and VA whistle-blowers please do. We need more citizen journalists to submit stories to local media. Please also encourage Veterans to write their stories, or help them to write and document their stories. Many people have different opinions about how Veterans benefits should be administered. Some claim negative criticism works to destroy VA health care which will usher in privatization. If you can, try to stay politically neutral. Our goal is accountability, not government health care versus private health care, which both sectors need to be held to. When Veteran issues become partisan, Veterans lose.

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