#13 – A Boy With A Badge And No Name

Unnamed Long Beach VA Medical Center Police officer aka: “Boy with a badge and no name”

Many Whistle-Blowers and Veterans have repeatedly stated, the crimes are in the cover ups. As you will see below, a Veteran learned how simply advocating for his rights and asking for accountability led to:

  • Death threats
  • VA officials lying to Congress (a crime)
  • Computer hacking
  • Extortion

I listened to this Veteran’s video, and this is what I learned from it. I have not included everything that this Veteran had to say, so please listen to his video message. See my blog Episode 12 for video link and more context. 

For the past two years, former US Navy Lieutenant Russell Gault has been trying to get the US government to hold several Veterans Affairs (VA) officials accountable for alleged malfeasance. But over the course of the two years, Gault learned the government cares more about covering up corruption than it cares about fighting it.

It all began when Mr. Gault was waiting in the Long Beach VA Medical Center (LBVAMC) emergency room in severe pain. According to Gault, he asked the nurse every hour, how much longer it would be before he would be seen, and the nurse told him each time that it would be another hour. Several hours went by, and Gault became more agitated, and told the nurse, “You have failed.”

Shortly after, three VA police officers showed up, and the Boy With A Badge And No Name, called Gault outside with a finger wag, and told Gault, “I talked to the staff, and the reason you haven’t been called is because they don’t know you’re a veteran.”

Confused by this statement, Gault went back inside and asked the nurse, “How can you not know that I am a veteran?” And she said, “Of course we know that you are a veteran.” Apparently the VA police officer had lied to Gault.

Gault went back outside and asked the Boy With A Badge And No Name, why he lied? The officer allegedly started laughing, which agitated Gault even further, and Gault called the officer a liar. That’s when Gault alleged the officer stepped into Gault’s personal space, stuck out his chin, and challenged Gault to hit him.

Even though Gault became more agitated, he did the right thing and walked away, but came back a few minutes later to ask for his name because the Boy With A Badge And No Name had removed his name plate. The Boy With A Badge And No Name laughingly responded, “I already told you.” Gault replied, “You have not told me your name.” The officer repeated, “I already told you.”

Every time Gault asked for the Boy With A Badge And No Name, his name, the officer repeated, “I already told you.” Gault believed the officer was doing everything he could to give him justification to beat the shit out of Gault, so he left. But before he did, Gault took the picture you see at the top of this article of the Boy With A Badge And No Name, who allegedly lied to Gault, then challenged Gault to a fight, and laughingly refused to give Gault his name after he had removed his name plate.

VA Police Cover Up Of Veteran Patient Harassment

Gault filed a complaint with the patient advocate Michon Dean. Gault reported, “Three VA Police Officers conspired to harass me with the intention of inducing behavior that would justify the use of force.” Ms. Dean ignored Gault’s complaint. After two weeks of being ignored, Gault informed Ms. Dean he intended to seek a Congressional inquiry. One hour later, VA Police Detective Larry Kidd Jr, threatened to charge Gault with a crime:

Patient Advocate, Michon Dean

“Mr. Gault, I must warn you, if you persist harassing Mrs. Dean, I will have no choice but to seek criminal charges.”

I, and other Veterans would like to know, when did telling the patient advocate that they will have to answer to Congress become a crime? It’s not. That’s why Gault alleges corruption.

Definition of Corruption: Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power. 

It appears, VA Police Detective Larry Kidd’s email means: “Shut up about being harassed by one of my fellow police officers, or I will use my power to put you in prison.”

Larry Lee Kidd Jr. Veterans Affairs Police Detective

Since Kidd had prohibited Gault from contacting the patient advocate, Gault sent the complaint to Kidd, but Kidd ignored the complaint. A week later, Gault spoke via phone with VA Deputy Chief of Police Anthony Brown, who allegedly laughingly pretended to know nothing about Gault’s complaint. A week later, Gault spoke with Brown again, and again (allegedly) Brown laughingly pretended to know nothing about Gault’s complaint.

After being threatened to be charged with a crime, and allegedly being ignored by VA police for a month, Gault requested a Congressional Inquiry. It took Director Walt Dannenberg thirteen months to respond with a letter full of alleged lies. Dannenberg told Congress that Gault threatened his patient advocate over the telephone on two different occasions, and that this was the reason he had threatened to charge Gault with a crime.

Gault reported Dannenberg’s claims are a lie and that it was impossible for Gault to have done what Dannenberg claimed because the patient advocate had ignored Gault’s emails, and never answered the phone when Gault called her.

Walt C Dannenberg, Director of Veterans Affairs Long Beach Medical Center

Danneberg had previously worked as assistant director at VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, and from executive assistant to the director at South Texas Veterans Health Care System, San Antonio.

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First, Gault wanted the Boy With A Badge And No Name, held accountable for allegedly harassing him. But VA Police Detective Larry Kidd allegedly covered it up.

Second, Gault wanted VA Police Detective Larry Kidd held accountable for allegedly covering it up, but Director Walt Dannenberg allegedly covered up the cover up.

Third, Gault wants Dannenberg held accountable for allegedly covering up the cover up.

Gault sent an email to Kidd questioning Dannenberg’s lies, “Did Dean ever claim that I threatened her?” But when Kidd ignored Gault, he emailed the patient advocate Michon Dean, “Did you ever claim that I threatened you?”

All of these are reasonable questions to ask, especially if you are being falsely accused. Every victim or alleged perpetrator has the right to see the evidence.

At first Michon Dean ignored Gault, but Kidd did not. Gault had just moved to Nevada ten days prior to receiving an email from Kidd:

 “Russell, Hey, I was reading an article about the fifteen states with the highest people on food stamps, and I cannot believe it. My home state of Nevada is on that list. I guess it has changed since The Duke passed away. Nevada…I just can’t believe it’s on the list.”

Why did Kidd remind Gault that John Wayne was dead? Gault believes this is a death threat. The message from Kidd to Gault appears to mean:

“I know where you live. I have friends where you live. John Wayne is dead. And you are on the list.”

A week later, Kidd again threatened Gault to charge him with a crime. Kidd directed Gault to stop texting and calling the Patient Advocate at home; things that Gault reported he has never done. Its seem pretty obvious that Kidd was trying to set up Gault with things Gault never did, so Kidd can charge Gault with crimes he never committed.

Gault sent an email to VA Chief of Police David Weiner, questioning Dannenberg’s lies:

“What date and time did Dean claim that I threatened her, and what words did she claim that I spoke?”

But Weiner ignored Gault’s communication. Any reasonable person would expect that the Chief of Police would have evidence of the crime Dannenberg told Congress Gault had allegedly committed.

Kidd’s email evidence stated that the threats were based on alleged email communication that Kidd had in his possession. Kidd’s emails are irrefutable evidence that Dannenberg committed the crime of lying to congress.

Gault wrote a letter to the VA Secretary Robert Wilkie, but he too ignored it. Instead of responding to Gault’s letter, it was sent to the people who Gault had reported to Wilkie had committed crimes. Gault also believes this act qualifies as corruption because Wilkie empowered Kidd and Dannenberg to commit more crimes, which according Gault they did.

Note: More than likely Secretary Wilkie never read Gault’s letter because Wilkie has staff who screen and respond to his emails. Several Veterans and whistleblowers have reported that the people who have been tasked with screening and responding to Secretary Wilkie’s emails have been retaliating against Veterans and Whistleblowers.

Then, Gault’s girlfriend received a text on her cell phone, “Russell, We didn’t know how to thank you, so we have decided to send a little something your way. We hope you ENJOY.”

What pops into your head when someone says they are going to send something your way? Gault believes this is another death threat. It’s called electronic contact made with the intent to harass a person, and it is a crime.

Dannenberg responded to the letter Gault sent to Secretary Wilkie, and personally threatened Gault to charge him with a crime. Gault believes the letter means, “Shut up Gault, if you continue trying to expose me for lying to the U.S. Congress, I will use my power to put you in prison.”

Gault wrote a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) laying out the crimes Gault believed Kidd and Dannenberg had committed, but the DOJ ignored it. This is when Gault realized that VA police and VA directors are above the law.

Note: Several whistle-blowers have reported the DOJ simply runs cover for all of the agencies. Its not about doing what’s right, it’s more about covering up the mistakes made by government workers.

Gault made a similar video to the one uploaded on Jan. 23, 2020, and posted it to YouTube. But before posting the video to YouTube, Gault left the country. One week later after posting the video, VA police came looking for Gault under the guise of a wellness check. VA Police Lieutenant Matthew Burns knocked on Gault’s girlfriend’s door, but they were not there.

About five days after VA Police could not find Gault, his former Chief of the Boat, a man who served the United States for thirty years and the most decorated and respected member of the crew, was a victim of a cyber crime; his computer was hacked and his Facebook account spoofed messages to some of his Facebook friends, and Gault was one of them.

The message forwarded a video with the narrative paraphrased as,

 “Oh my God! Is that you in this sex tape?”

Below the video was a caption, “61 of your friends are watching this video now.”

Gault tried to play the video but it wouldn’t play. Based on the timing, the exact wording of the narrative, and other recent events, Gault believes he is in this video, and that Gault was the target of the spoof. Since threatening to charge Gault with a crime and threatening to murder Gault didn’t work, Gault believes Kidd is trying to extort him; not with money, but with silence. Gault suspects, based on Burns’ background that Burns is helping Kidd hack his shipmate’s computer.

Other harassment Gault is experiencing is through emails and Facebook by using gaslighting techniques.

Definition of Gaslighting: Manipulate someone through psychological means into questioning their own memory, perception or sanity.

Here are the crimes Gault believes have been committed:

  1. Larry Kidd Jr, VA Police Detective: Judicial Corruption, illegal access to information, electronic contact harassment, illegal surveillance, cyber-based crime (hacking/spoofing), and extortion.
  2. Walt C. Dannenberg, Director of Veterans Affairs Long Beach Medical Center: Lying to US Congress, judicial corruption
  3. Matthew Burns, VA Police Lieutenant: Illegal access to information, illegal surveillance, cyber-based crime (hacking/spoofing), extortion.

Gault is very adamant he did nothing wrong and is innocent of these claims. Gault’s shipmate did nothing wrong, and neither did his girlfriend. Gault has just been trying to stand up for his rights. Rights he thought we had. Gault is right, if Veterans are second class citizens, so are you.

The Second Half of the Video

I am not going to go into too much detail here because you can listen to the video for yourself. But here are my notes that I took while I listened to Gault’s video:

Animal House – Inside A Veterans Affairs Psychiatric Ward

Place: Gainesville, Florida

Time: Approximately 3 years ago.

VA Officials Named: Director Thomas Wiznieski, VA Chief of Staff Bradley Bender, VA Nurse Thomas (Ricky) Jordon, VA Nurse Assistant Walter Key.

Additionally, Gault was a victim of harassment via VA billing. I am beginning to see this more and more as a harassment tool. It also happened to me, but it didn’t get as far as it did with Gault. The VA will claim the Veteran owes money when the veteran actually doesn’t. The VA only does this to harass the Veteran. If this is happening to you, please contact your Senator or Congressional Representative right away to request casework.

In summary, Gault was charged $3k for a hospital stay and disputed the bill, which the VA took from his social security benefit. Gault in turn wrote about the issue in his hometown newspaper, but Bradley Bender claimed the hospital had tried to contact Gault but couldn’t locate him. Gault claimed this was a lie because Gault never received any communication. Many Veterans have had experience with this, the VA will claim to have tried to have contacted the Veteran but either they didn’t or they used the wrong contact information. Gault reported that Bender called him a liar when he reported to the newspaper that the hospital had run out of washcloths for the 12 days while he was there, which discredited Gault’s complaints. Soon after, Gault was contacted with a letter from Wiznieski, who claimed to have conducted a financial review of Gault’s account and concluded there had been a mistake, and found Gault owed an additional $3k.

Gault reported this is corruption because Gault tried to expose Wiznieski for allegedly mistreating veterans, so Wiznieski allegedly used his power to legally obligate Gault to pay him (VA) money.

Basically, if a Veteran makes a complaint or criticizes the VA, the VA will call the veteran a liar to discredit them, and then punish the Veteran by stealing from them.

The Rank Structure for Veterans Affairs Police Officers

  • Officer
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
  • Detective Sergeant
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Deputy Chief
  • Chief of Police
  • VISN Chief
  • Director, Police Service

The Duties of a VA Police Officer

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Police are solely responsible for the protection and monitoring of VA hospitals, outpatient clinics (OPC), and community-based outpatient clinics (CBOC). They are required to: 1) Deter and prevent crime; 2) Maintain order; 3) Investigate crimes; and 4) Work in conjunction with the VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) for certain cases.

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