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I stood up for Vets and lost my job, LaMalfa used me to tell the truth and let the VA get away with it.

            I am a 100% disabled Marine Corps Veteran of 10 years.  In 2014, I was contacted by Erin Ryan and Doug LaMalfa to help a Veteran who was illegally being denied his benefits.  I assisted the Veteran and provided evidence of the illegal practices of the Oakland VA regional office to LaMalfa in a statement he read to Congress that got me removed 8 days later by voicemail.  In an October 2016 OSC press release https://osc.gov/News/pr16-34.pdf the OSC lied about who the whistleblowers were, who was fired, and refused to correct the statement to reflect the truth.  I asked LaMalfa to tell the truth but he and his aid, Erin Ryan refused to admit I helped them at all.  Please ask LaMalfa to tell the truth about Tony Silveria.    

Don’t believe me, read for yourself.

 http://wethepeopleradiorecords.com/20140105/ – First radio show for LaMalfa’s with his aid Erin Ryan

 http://wethepeopleradiorecords.com/20140126/ – Second radio show for LaMalfa’s with his aid Ryan.  Website has a list of what was reported to LaMalfa and the VA OIG but only one issue was investigated.

 http://pienpolitics.com/?m=20140512 – Third radio show for LaMalfa with his aid Ryan.

 https://lamalfa.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/lamalfa-demands-accountability-at-veterans-affairs-passes-measures-on “Thanks to whistleblowers, we now know the extent of mismanagement…”


 http://www.mercurynews.com/2015/03/21/oakland-va-files-reveal-heartbreak-delays/ “In a House speech, LaMalfa read letters from frustrated Oakland employees, including Brown and Tony Silveria — two whistle-blowers who now are speaking publicly. Silveria, a retired Marine, said he was let go “eight days after my letter was read on the floor of the House.”

LaMalfa gave me an award for sacrificing my job to help expose the corruption, illegal delays of Veteran’s claims and destruction of thousands of claims, but refuses to tell the truth for me.

 Ask LaMalfa to tell the truth about Tony Silveria

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 At the 11 minute mark (1040 PST)

April 22, 2015 testimony from LaMalfa, explaining he wanted to have a meeting with Allison Hickey over a whistleblower who was let go, aka myself Tony Silveria during the Congressional hearing for whistleblowers, I was not allowed to attend by LaMalfa –

At the 6 minute mark (0948 PST)

May 22, 2014 testimony from LaMalfa, stating “We are going to help them [whistleblowers] if they come forward,” yet LaMalfa has never helped me, despite my requests for assistance with the truth  –