Dennis Uldricks is my former Oakland VA regional office manager. He illegally and unethically accessed my veterans C-file and committed malfeasance with it. He is punishing me for coming forward as a witness to report harassment of a former co-worker. He protected the man who was harassing my former co-worker and forced both my co-worker and I out in 2008. Now he is abusing his civil servant position to seek revenge by using the VA system to punish me.

Do not let appearances fool you. This man appears nice on the surface, but he is not.  He probably thought he would never get caught snooping in former employee veteran’s C-files. More than likely he is also snooping in current employee veteran’s C-files.

The First Amendment gives citizens the right to call attention to government corruption. I was told by one of his staff that he was the person responsible for hiding the 14k lost claims (there were actually more but were shredded). My co-worker and I also thought claims were being shredded while we worked there, which was recorded under sworn testimony in our depositions in 2009 and hearings in 2010. Looks like we were right. I have been told by employees and former employees he illegally fires employees for falsely accusing them of unauthorized absences. He has the gall to tell the people he is targeting that he gets away with what he does because there is no one who can stop him. This man needs to be held accountable.  Right now this man thinks he is well insulated by the government and is untouchable. 

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***UPDATE*** OAWP is NOT helping whistleblowers nor veterans, they are working with VA management to silence people*****

We are a group of former Oakland VA regional office employees looking for other former or current employees who have been hurt by Dennis Uldricks. We are pooling our resources and our evidence in order to stop this man from hurting more people and to stop him from abusing his civil servant position. If you have any information please contact us (email) or contact the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection (OAWP) to obtain VA Form 10177  to make a claim (OAWP phone: 202-461-4119). We also have a copy of the form and can email it to you. You do not need to be a current employee to report government corruption. You can be a former employee or just someone who knows of malfeasance. You are not and cannot be required to submit the disclosure to or through supervisory channels. You can also remain anonymous. Use or submission of this form does not prevent or limit an employee from filing through one of the other avenues available under law including, but not limited to submitting directly to the VA’s Office of Inspector General, the Office of Special Counsel, or to Congress.

The purpose of this form is to provide employees with an optional method of submitting a disclosure to the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection (OAWP). A disclosure is information provided by an employee that the employee reasonably believes shows:

  • A potential violation of any law, rule or regulation; or
  • Gross mismanagement; or
  • Gross waste of funds; or
  • Abuse of authority, or
  • Substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

Gross mismanagement is action or inaction which creates substantial risk of significant adverse impact upon the agency’s ability to accomplish its mission.

Gross waste of funds is more than debatable expenditure that is significantly out of proportion to the benefit reasonably expected to accrue to the government.

Abuse of authority is the arbitrary (personal whim) or capricious (fickle, variable, unpredictable) exercise of power by a Federal official or employee that adversely affects the rights of any person or that results in personal gain or advantage to him-or-herself or to the preferred other person.

Retaliation for making protected disclosures is against the law. If you believe you are being, or have been, retaliated against for making a protected disclosure, you may submit a disclosure regarding the retaliation.

Lastly, this form is not restricted to current employees. Former employees, volunteers, and veterans can also use this form.

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Thank you

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