#3 – Help Stop VA Civil Servants Who Abuse Their Positions of Power to Hurt Veterans

For a variety of reasons our government has not been able to make VA managers accountable for abusing their positions of power. In my case, my former VA managers at the Oakland VA regional office were able to use the new VA computer program called, Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS), to seek revenge against me, because I came forward as a witness to report harassment of a co-worker I did not know. Since management favored the man harassing my co-worker they used their positions to protect him, rather than stop him from harassing my co-worker. Ten years later these same people used the VA system to further hurt me, by using the VA system against me, to invade my privacy – they read my medical records, military records, education and banking records and more – they tried to cut my VA benefits, made bogus claims in my name, and claimed I owed the VA money. These people know they do not have permission to be accessing my information but did it anyway, because they are never held accountable for anything. These people have access to more than 30 years of information about me. These people are unethical liars who have been allowed to remain employed by the VA and need to be stopped. Not only did I explicitly state in writing to the VA that the Oakland VA regional office did not have permission to access my information but they disobeyed a congressional letter that stated Oakland VA regional office would never have access to my information. Since no one in our current government can seem to keep these people out of my private information nor make them accountable, I need 100,000 signatures in order to be heard by congress.  The best watchdogs to stop government corruption are everyday people who pressure their representatives to do the right thing, such as legislate laws to protect veterans.   Become an everyday hero for a veteran. By signing this petition and sharing with your friends, you help me get the attention of our legislatures, who can help me and other veterans like me by:

  1. Making the VA provide me with an unredacted list of every person who has accessed or queried any part of my C-file.
  2. Make VA managers and employees accountable for violating my privacy and for abusing their public positions of power to commit revenge.
  3. Pass laws that will protect my C-file and other veterans’ C-files from specific employees and managers.
  4. Make each veteran a watchdog over their own C-file by releasing the unredacted accounting of disclosures immediately upon request & whenever requested. And make the reporting of privacy violations easy and efficient. Every Veteran has a right to know who has been viewing their private information and there must be an enforceable law to deter people from accessing a veteran’s C-file without first having authorization or permission by the veteran.

Please help me make my voice heard. I cannot do this without your help.

Thank you.

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