Please Follow The Link To Each Petition Shown Below And Then Sign And Share

Over the past 2 years I have come to learn that these petitions are not very effective. Many of the people who these petitions were addressed to will remove their names, and ultimately never receive communication about the petition and who supported it. The only thing I found of value with these on-line petitions, is that it will appear near the top of search engines.

Some of the best ways for people to help Veterans is to become an advocate for a veteran and help them navigate the VA system. This is when you will see for yourself what needs improving. You will not have to rely on someone else’s opinion.

For Veterans who have been harmed by the VA, do not waste your time trying to get help from the big Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) because many of us have learned that the people at the very top of these organizations will block the attempts of their members. These groups are still very important and serve a role because they do many great things for veterans, just not the ones who have been harmed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Best advice would be to join several VSOs and become an active member. This will allow you to network and build relationships all in the spirit of voluntarism. Ultimately at the local levels these groups offer great opportunities for veterans to help other veterans. And, many of these groups have auxiliary membership, which means if you are non-Veteran you can still join. Or in the case of Disabled American Veterans (DAV), non-disabled Veterans can join the auxiliary DAV groups and still be able to participate.

Ideally, I and others, would like to see the millions of Veterans who are members of these groups apply pressure to the headquarters of these groups, in order to change their current position of not helping veterans harmed by the VA. Many of these groups have existing structures in place, by-laws, and other methods, such as resolutions to help with your voluntarism and activism. Or you could open a new non-profit and build it from the ground.

Lastly, become an ADA Advocate. Many Veterans qualify for this service and legal protection. As an ADA Advocate you are helping someone while being immersed within the systems they need to navigate. The only way to see where a system needs improving is to be interacting with it.

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