Robert Hill, musician by night and a VA rater by day at the Oakland VA regional office. Robert  worked with my former manager Dennis Uldricks to seek revenge against me for reporting harassment I witnessed of a former co-worker. They are abusing their civil servant positions at the VA to punish me for the rest of my life through my C-File. They used the VA system against me to try to cut my benefits, created bogus claims in my name that I now must appeal (a process that takes years) and claimed I owed the VA money. Robert’s co-worker and friend Eden Marin spread malicious rumors that I questioned the competence of raters when I worked there, which had nothing to do with even the lies Dennis Uldricks and other managers created in order to force me and my former co-worker out, so they could protect the man harassing my former co-worker. No one is holding them accountable for the privacy violations and unethical and illegal acts they committed against me. Not only did Robert know me as a co-worker, but he helped me with my family genealogy and we were friends on social media for awhile. I have no idea what I did to him to deserve what he did to me. If he was forced to take the actions he did, he can file a claim with OAWP

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The First Amendment allows citizens to point out government corruption when the government fails to police itself and fails to take action. People need to know the crimes these people have committed because they are probably doing it to other people. 

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