#5 – Why Are VA Managers Allowed To Scrub FOIA Audits?

Why? Why are VA managers allowed to scrub FOIA audits of veteran C-files? For that matter, why is Kim Graves, the director of St. Paul Regional Office, allowed to scrub FOIA audits of veteran employee C-files?

Can someone please tell me why? Why, why, why?

Why is the VA allowed to police itself?  I mean who in their right mind thinks this is a good plan? Why don’t we just have the rest of society follow this ideology and have the inmates watch the other inmates?  Or why don’t we just have thieves guard the bank?

Having the VA patrol itself is like having a fox guard the henhouse. Heck that is the very definition of a fox in the henhouse.  Who was the freaking idiot or idiots that came up with that idea?

If there is a fox in the henhouse folks, then that means there will be problems if there aren’t already problems. Just in case you weren’t quite clear about the relationship between a fox and a hen, I posted links on the blog of an actual fox breaking and entering into henhouse; it’s not pretty. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that anyone who has been put in a position where he or she can exploit the situation to his or her own benefit, will more likely than not exploit the situation.

In the case of Kim Graves, she has already been outed by congress, and is a known fox, who has already robbed the hen house. Yet, she has gone unpunished and remains a director of the St. Paul regional office. She has been allowed to scrub FOIA audit requests of veteran’s C-files. That means not one VA veteran employee can get an accurate audit of who has been viewing their C-file. That also means that managers across the nation can view a lot of very private and sensitive information about veteran employees and there is no way for veterans to stop them.

Let’s get real people. The speed limit is only as good as the number of highway patrol officers. It’s a no brainer. The VA has no one enforcing the law. Instead hires lawyers to protect the criminals and punish the ones who blurt out that the emperor has no clothes.

For some reason congress has not been able to fix the corruption at the VA. That means the only people left to stop the corruption at the VA, or any government corruption for that matter, is you. That’s right I said you. The last shield against tyranny is the average everyday person like you. Wake up folks, I am not being melodramatic. It’s already at our door steps. If veterans cannot restrict people from viewing their private information then who is next? Veterans need your help and there is something you can do that doesn’t even cost a dime, just a few minutes of your time. You can start by signing this petition and sharing with your friends.

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